Travelling between JFK and NYC can be price efficient when you do a bit of research about the different transportation services available for you. Keep in mind, you need to use a mode of transportation from the list mentioned below as there is no direct connection between JFK and Manhattan.
You will read about the different modes of transportation available in the upcoming paragraphs:

• Subway: It is the most reliable mode of transportation when you have to go from JFK airport to the place where you live. The AirTrain works 24 hours a day each day, stopping at every terminal in the airport. It also halts on sites that will connect you to the subway system. Here, we are talking about 1hr-1.5hr travel time between JFK and Manhattan. It is so far the most economical modes where you will have to pay only $10.50 for a one-way trip.

• Shared Shuttles and Vans: Airport shuttle service is available for all travelling between JFK and Manhattan. The time duration depends on the traffic and stops in between. However, the estimated time from JFK airport to Manhattan is between 45 – 60 minutes. To opt for the shared service, you need to connect with the shuttle service providers in NYC. They will group you with the passengers who are travelling in the same direction. The estimated price will range between $19-$35 per person.

• Private car service including Taxi: Many private car services providers are available for which you can book a taxi or private car online. You can find the best private car service website and mention your details. It is the best mode of transport for people who are in a hurry or do not want to opt for public transport services. You can choose from Sedan, Luxury Sedan, Limo cars, SUV, etc. The price will vary from $55-$175 (plus tip) depending on the vehicle you select. The time of drop-off will vary on the weather conditions and traffic in the city.

• Long Island Railroad: You need to take the AirTrain that connects the LIRR if you prioritize speed. The mode of travelling will cost you almost twice that you will pay for a subway. However, you will be able to save time and reach your destination sooner, and slightly more comfortably. The prices vary according to the peak time and regular days. The approximate travelling time between JFK and Manhattan will be around 35 minutes. During the peak season, the timing will be between 6 am-10 am, and 4 am-8 pm. The price during peak period will be $7.75 for AirTrain + $10 for LIRR.

Final Verdict:
The taxi is the most convenient modes if there is no money constraint. Otherwise, the other ways are available for travellers where you can save money. You can choose the shuttle service where you can travel by sharing fares. Else, go for the subway or LIRR service to save more and explore the unseen parts of the city. No matter what you opt for, it all depends on your budget and availability of time.